More Rain W Korean Magazine picts 03-20-10


Mblaq G.O. talking about his teacher in MBC FM 03-20-10

GO, one member of 5 male group MBLAQ produced by Rain, appeared on

Sweet Though’s Ten Ten Clubwhich is one of SBS Power FM’s seen radio programs, on Mar.19th, 2010.

While on the subject of workaholic, GO talked about him (Rain).MC : I know that Rain is still such a perfectionist or workaholic who is displeased by anything that does not meet very high standards, even though he has already maintained the top spot through his endless efforts.

GO : That’s right!

No matter how it gets, we can never spend less time rehearsing, because Rain always acts on his own initiative.

One day, not long after finishing our dinner, Rain who didn’t know our situation had us rehearse for the next day’s performance, but we couldn’t possibly refuse his offer.

When we spoke with him concerning our situation after finishing rehearsing even though our stomachs ached

bad, he said, “Why did you say that in the first place?”


Rain is on Air plane


  rain i wondering are u goint to japan or USA coz as what i hear from Jtune it say u are going to be at GEEN GLOBAL AWARD ON 23 IF NOT THEN TO KOREAN VERY WANT TO KNOW HE HEADING UP TO COULD BE HIS MV MINI ABLUN Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………….!!!    ?__? 

Rain Nature Repulic 03-2-10

Today, waiting for a train in Changsha Qichexizhan found during a stroll, the opposite Hunan Zhejiang NATURE REPUBLIC home market on the second floor of the monopoly, shops super beautiful, praise ah! Actually, the key is to RAIN’s House is too beautiful, and threw himself saw the big poster really wants to go … …

YUAN talking about rain jiont star promtion of the flim 03-20-10

Xinyu mainland actress Yuan is Shanghai Academy of Drama students have not yet graduated she was guest John Woo film “Brothers” was discovered, was invited to join Star City entertainment into Kelly Lin Shi Mei, actors shallow age, she is still more fortunate this year, with South Korea Rain and Won Bin artist promotion of the film can be described as Starryland unlimited!

To go to Taiwan because of the earlier shooting the movie “the love of close proximity,” in Shanghai Xinyu previously lived by herself to Taiwan to live for a few months, during which she was most miss is the mother, she said: “I told my mother feeling super – Well, filming in Taiwan every day with her phone, sometimes with a sweet nickname will call each other, other people might sound thought I was talking with the boyfriend does! “But she thinks is quite similar to Taiwan and Shanghai, but also live happily with the same opera actor, it quickly adapted to the local life.

Love talking ghosts of ancient
Xinyu refined appearance, but found that she was a very strange hobby, and she blew herself: “My family raised a spider, turtles, snakes or raise a child better, but because my mother afraid of snakes last minute it is sent to people.” She also Direct recognition is a very “Jalan ghost” who often have some strange supernatural experience: “I am in Taiwan before the filming, the director said that on the screen to see a shadow in my face before swinging, but the Other actors did not, then I took incense four worship, then there will be no shadow. “while filming the gap, she loves with other actors get together Jiangguigushi an early age, she also loves horror movies would like to try making Horror movies, but when she thought might be able to increase the “hit a ghost,” they complain loudly that nervous when the opportunity arises

Rain Ntrual Repulic Picts 02-19-10

Rain @ March 9 – 11 AT GUANGZHOU 03-19-10


Rain, Kim Hee Seon, Chae Lim Jing Xian Guangzhou, the three co-stars are a strong endorsement in the first line March 9 – 11 AT GUANGZHOU the United States during the fair, Rain, Chae Lim, Kim Hee Sun South Korean three major international star Jing Xian, Guangzhou, Pearl River gathered at Shangri-La Office Tang Ming Group Shangyuan the letter the company’s “Beauty China and South Korea’s wealth channel? China Station” to help out. Within the industry sources, the three major international film stars join hands with a product endorsement – Great Han peptide? Snow silkworm peptides, which both in the beauty industry and entertainment industry are unprecedented, triggering two major industry hot discussion, and shocked by beauty , entertainment, two major industry.
During the dinner, the international superstar heavy playing. Ultra-popular superstar Rain, the general public in participating in the fervent hope and expectation debut, triggering a game-high point, applause, shouts, screams filled the venue, the U.S. industry elites have invited Rain to visit their own city. Tian Jie Chae Rim, Korean Beauty Kim Hee-sun at the scene first with the U.S. business elite cordial interaction, plays a game of finger-guessing game, to teach the beauty tips and autographed photographs and books donated to the beauty industry, joining the elite, this is Kim Hee-sun at came back to China to participate in the first event. Idol and the strength of the dual representation, film songs were amphibious star Lu Yi in person at the scene and presented songs and thrilled the audience that many people singing along with the beat, dance. South Korea’s popular portfolio of performance LPG wonderful, full of youthful vigor, has been warmly welcomed by everyone. The emergence of China and South Korea four major international star, so that the scene of mass excitement, the venue one climax after another, the audience screams and applause from the audience at the venue echoed over a long time can not quell.